Summertime Iced Coffee

June 3, 2015


I’m adding a new category today — Drinks!! Yea, this will be fun. There are so many options out there: cold drinks for the dog days of summer, warm drinks to soothe your numb fingers, and flirty cocktails for any festivity! Please pass along any requests or ideas, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

I decided to add this cold brew coffee recipe as a post (even though it is so incredibly simple) because even the most basic recipes need posting sometimes. For the longest time I was making iced coffee by brewing a pot of coffee then letting it chill. It was ok, but just ok. The cold brew process is so simple, as all it really demands is time for “brewing” in the refrigerator, and produces such delicious flavors.

In a large pitcher, add 1 cup ground coffee (if you’re grinding it yourself, make it coarse) to 4 cups water. Filtered water is preferred but not required. Give it a quick stir and then set in refrigerator for at least 12 hours. When ready, pour the liquid through a strainer or cheese cloth into a bowl to remove the coffee grounds. I repeat this process a few times to make sure I remove all the gritty coffee grounds. When the coffee is clean of the grounds, pour the reserved liquid into a pitcher. Your coffee is now ready to use! Taste the coffee and adjust with additional water if too strong for your liking. The coffee will keep for up to 4 weeks if refrigerated.

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Add whatever fixings you like to your drink then get outside and enjoy your delicious
glass of refreshing Summertime Iced Coffee!!


1 cup ground coffee
4 cups cold (preferably filtered) water

Makes 4+ cups of Iced Coffee

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